O POETA (2012)

direção Marco Nicoletti

O POETA - Junior would like to be a poet full-time, but he did not publish big thing, and is not really recognized in the São Paulo's poetry crowd. To contribute to maintain his small family (his wife Helena with whom he has an one-year-old baby girl, Aurora), he spends time showing apartments to customers who avoid them. As a matter of fact he's as much "successful" in the real estate as he is in the poetry... But the life in São Paulo is expensive, and his wife begin to worry about the incapacity of her husband to face reality... One day Junior purchases a ticket of the national lottery, and hide it in the
shelves of the living room. Few days later, when he discovers that he eventually won the lottery, the ticket is lost... The Poet describes junior's increasing obsession for the lottery ticket, and its descent in the sheer madness. He eventually looks for the promised ticket in the dump of São Paulo (one of the largest on western world), and writes to the president Dilma, to get back the money he deserves. His desperate search allows us to make also an investigation on the emergent artists of contemporary São Paulo.

by Marco Nicoletti